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 Tex Murphy's Investigation Office

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Tex Murphy's Investigation Office

Under a Killing Moon

Many people have noticed the disappearance of bluesuit-wearing people in the Wastelands, and Tex Murphy has taken up on the case, deciding it might be better than just drinking.

While investigating on some very strange disparitions, Tex found out about these suspects.

Please consult files for more info.

They are considered Armed and Dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs :



Doctor Sepp
Tex's ramblings : ''Dont' get fooled by his title of Doctor, though i do suspect he likes to relieve people from addiction to living...''

Pan Daeb
Tex's ramblings : ''Sure Pan Daeb's a cold blooded killer, a dishonest trader and a town raider... But he's done a great deal of helpin'...Wait that wasn't him was it ? No yea okay.''



Aeon Flux

Consult our Office files for other suspects :


''Damn. So much work, so little alcohol...''

Feel free to signal here any activity in the Wastelands that might require Private Investigator Tex Murphy (now with Diploma !).

Tex adresses potential employers : ''Now come on, you can't be THAT busy. And i really need the caps.''

Tex adresses potential informants : ''Want a beer ?''

Thanks for visiting Tex Murphy's Investigation Office.
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Tex Murphy's Investigation Office
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